Technical service

Abakan Air provides a full range of aircraft maintenance


Maintenance of aircraft IL-76(T, TD) and helicopter MI-8 (T, MTV-1,AMT) and MI26T
Well qualified specialists of Abakan Air and its own maintenance base with modern equipment, provides modern maintenance as for own aircraft as for other airlines.
Abakan Air maintenance base is certified according to Federal Aviation Regulations 285 of Russian Federation, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation №285 of 25th September 2015. It has a certificate and a license for providing technical service and maintenance of the aircraft. We provide:

  • Technical service of Il-76 (T, TD), Mi-8 (T, MTB, AMT), Mi-26
  • Decoding and analysis of flight data of Il-76 (T, TD), Mi-8 (T, MTB, AMT), Mi-26
  • Diagnostics and non-destructive testing of aircraft units for Il-76 (T, TD), Mi-8 (T, MTB, AMT), Mi-26