Abakan Air is a team of professionals with a half of a century experience in aviation industry.


We perform:

  • Charter commercial flights

  • Transportation of passengers and goods for shifts

  • Oil and gas pipelines patrolling

  • Aerial photography

  • Construction works with the use of helicopters

  • Search & rescue

  • Air patrolling and forest security

  • Landing troops or free dropping

  • 24-hour duty and flight operations in order to provide emergency specialized medical care

  • Periodic maintenance of helicopter equipment


Abakan Air uses legendary airplanes and helicopters: IL-76T (TD), Mi-26T, Mi-8T (MTV-1 and AMT). As an officially registered UN aviation service provider, Abakan Air is involved in a number of humanitarian projects around the world. Thanks to the constant cooperation of our engineers with Ilyushin Aviation Complex, Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, State Research Institute of Civil Aviation, and our western partners, Abakan Air quickly implements advanced technologies and installs the latest equipment on its aircraft, which allows us to provide special services worldwide and finish unique projects. The professionalism and flexibility of our team enables us to satisfy the most challenging requests. We are glad to solve these problems.