Airline «Abakan Air»

    • “Abakan Air” performing the orders of both state and commercial enterprises offers a wide spectrum of aviation services on the territory of Russia and abroad. Being the officially registered supplier at the market of aviation services for United Nations and World Food Programme, our company delivers humanitarian and food cargo worldwide on the IL-76 airplanes. Our helicopters provide the petroleum and gas complex services in Yamalo-Nenetskiy Autonomous District and Krasnoyarsk District, search & rescue and emergency-saving works in Republic of Khakasiya and aviation support for the International Forces of Safety Assistance in Afghanistan.

      Using such types of aircrafts as: Il-76, Mi-26, Mi-8 and AS350-B3 we carry out the following types of work: – Passenger and freight transportations; – Aerial photography; – Patrolling petroleum and gas pipelines; – Building and installation works; – Search & rescue and emergence & rescue works; – Air patrolling and forrest security.