Aviation technique

  • Vehicles quantity of MI-8T: 3

    Vehicles quantity of MI-8MTV: 3

    Helicopter MI-8T/MTV is oriented to transport oversized frights up to 4 tons both inside of the cargo hold and 3-4 tons by the external load.
    Helicopter charge is arranged through bulk cargo door in the airframe stern-post.
    Cargo hold is fitted with device providing freight charge with mass till 1,5 tons.
    Construction, device and systems of helicopter MI-8T/MTV is instrumental in exploitation it at any time, in good and bad weather, over plain, hilly and mountainous area.

    No need for special airfield facilities of maintenance for helicopter exploitation and helicopter is oriented for long-term autonomous location. At the wish of customer Airline company can provide helicopter in the following variants:

    • transport;
    • ambulance;
    • fire-protection;
    • with device for removal.