Aviation technique IL-76

  • Vehicles quantity: 4
    Transport plane IL-76T/TD is oriented for technique and freight transportation of various profiles and also for airlift delivery of troops.

    Aircraft can be exploited from concrete and ground airports and capable to transport freights of supreme mass 28-60 tons over a distance 3600-4200 km with course speed 770-800 km/h (supreme mass of transported freight and flying range depends on design change).

    Cargo hold sizes:
    length: 24,5 m.(4,5 m. accounts for footlights)
    width: 3,45 m.
    Altitude: 3,4 m.

    Fuel charge capacity of aircraft is 109 500 litres. Distance break capacity of aircraft is till 6700 km. with medium fuel burn rate 9 t/h.



    Unstick distance on takeoff is 1500-2000 m. and landing roll is 930-100m.
    At the wish of customer aircraft can be afforded both in transport variant and with device for non-parachute feight airlift delivery.